Guest Edit from @ourbrooksidehome. Throws, Throws, Throws.

This week we have one our wonderful brand reps, Hayley, to show us just how versatile our throws can be! For more gorgeous home inspo check her out on instagram @ourbrooksidehome

I’ve been looking at ways to bring colour to our neutral sofas to compliment our living room and the obvious answer is cushions but throws do exactly the same job and so much more.


When adding a splash of colour to a neutral space, just like a cushion a throw can do just that. You could use one with a pattern and a similar colour pallet or go for a solid colour with texture. Plus it can be folded up or laid out depending how bold you want to be with adding colour.


Adding throws to your sofas, chairs or even stools softens those large pieces of furniture in the room whilst also adding in different textures creating added layers and interest in the room.


Throws can also be more versatile than cushions. They can be used in different ways to create a focal point in your room. Folding or ‘throwing’ them in different ways and settings within your room can change the look and feel of your room for fresh looks.


Not only are throws an ideal option to add colour, texture and style to your room but also have the practical purpose. They are so useful to protect your furniture from those accidental spillages and denim dye and generally can be just put in the wash. But my favourite practical use is for those cold nights where you just want to snuggle and get cosy.


Hayley - @ourbrooksidehome